Heat exchangers

Proclima Solution Ltd. is a basic sales representative of a leading European producers of heat exchangers. The company offers a complete range of heat exchangers.

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Air water heaters

In the production of air water heaters, which we supply are used newest and innovative production technologies of the producer.

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Air conditioners

What is the “inverter” technology? The inverter is an electronic power component that continuously varies the electricity supply frequency of an electric motor.

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Repairs and service

The company does diagnostics, repair and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, maintenance of air conditioning equipment, professional consultancy, design, research, delivery, installation, including diagnostics of central air conditioning systems, chiller repair, diagnostics and repair of temperature chambers, repair of VRV / VRF systems, repair of heat pumps, repair of ventilation systems, repair of air conditioners, evacuation and charging refrigerant, cleaning air ducts, delivery and installation, dismantling, maintenance, maintenance of air conditioning systems, etc.

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Special offer

The lifetime of your dish washers, washing machines, water heaters and boilers depends on the water they use!

When heating limy water to temperature more than 50°C, the limestone is deposited on the water-bearing parts. These deposits are known as "Lime stone". The Aqua 2000 prevent lime deposits without affected at the taste and the quality of the water!

You get a 10% discount for each confirmed order by the end of the year!

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