Typically, many buildings today rely on several separate systems for heating, cooling, air curtain heating and hot water. As a result energy is wasted. To provide a much more efficient alternative, VRV technology has been developed into a total solution managing up to 70% of a buildings energy consumption giving large potential to cost saving.

  • Heating and cooling for year round comfort
  • Hot water for efficient production of hot water
  • Underfloor heating /cooling for efficient space heating/cooling
  • Ventilation for high quality environments
  • Air curtains for optimum air separation
  • Controls for maximum operating efficiency
  • Cooling for server rooms, telecom shelters, ... via VRV heat recovery or Sky Air units
  • Refrigeration via our VRV based refrigeration units


Combine up to 70% of your building’s energy consumption



One system, multiple applications for hotels, offices, retail, home …

Heating and cooling

  • Combine VRV indoor units with other stylish indoor units in one system
  • New round flow cassette sets the standard for efficiency and comfort
  • Extensive range of models and capacities for optimal selection 



Intelligent control systems

  • Mini BMS which connects Daikin and third-party equipment
  • Integrate intelligent control solutions with energy management tools to reduce running costs




Low-temperature hydrobox

  • Highly efficient space heating through:
    • Underfloor heating
    • Low temperature radiators
    • AHU water heat exchangers
  • Hot water from 25 °C to 45 °C
  • Cold water from +5°C to +20°C


Biddle air curtain

  • Payback time less than 1.5 years compared to electrical air curtain
  • A highly efficient solution for doorway climate separation




High temperature hydrobox

  • Efficient hot water production for:
    • Showers
    • Sinks
    • Tapwater for cleaning
  • Hot water from 25 °C to 80 °C
  • Connectable to VRV heat recovery and Water - cooled VRV



  • Widest range in DX ventilation – from small heat recovery ventilation to large scale air handling units
  • Provides a fresh, healthy and comfortable environment