FARMER air water heaters

Heating and ventilation Reventon Farmer units are used to heat large-size spaces. Devices are suitable to work in aggressive environments with high dustiness, humidity and concentration of ammonia in the air. Thanks to the modern LCE coating method, the air water heater Farmer has an antibacterial layer. They are in two types: Steel casing and EPP casing.

The air water heaters with Steel casing which is made of galvanized steel, powder painted, covered with protective LCE coating.

The casings of air water heaters with EPP casing are made of expanded polypropylene EPP, which is resistant, light and reliable. The material can carry considerable loads without deforming. It does not degrade under the influence of a lubricant, oil, crude oil and most of chemicals. It has an excellent sound insulation property, that is why it is used as casings, material is environmentally friendly and “green”, i.e. 100% recyclable. Aesthetic design gives new nature to the device. 3 - stage fans with the IP 54 degree and 1 - stage fans with the IP 65 fully comply with European standards of ErP 2015. Protective layer of LCE coating assures work in aggressive environments, the end with moulds, fungi and bacteria in the coils.