EPP air water heaters

Air water heaters must be connected to central heating-cooling system. Application of modern technologies in the devices guarantees high effectiveness and comfort of the consumption. Original colors of the devices match to every interior. The device is made very precisely and will work smoothly for many years.

The casing of this type of AWH is made of expanded polypropylene EPP, resistant, light and reliable. The material can carry considerable loads without deforming. It does not degrade under the influence of a lubricant, oil, crude oil and most of chemicals. It has an excellent sound insulation property, that is why it is used as casings, material is environmentally friendly and “green”, i.e. 100% recyclable. Aesthetic design gives new nature to the device. Efficient copper and aluminum coil is a guarantee of warm and comfort.

There are single-phase and three-phase AWH with EPP casing. The single-phase devices are offered 1-, 2- and 3-row coils with the power range 2-80 kW. Energy saving 3-stage fans with the protection degree of IP 54 fully comply with European standards of ErP 2015.

The three-phase air water heaters with EPP casing have 1-stage, three-phase fans with the protection degree IP 54 fully comply with European standards of ErP 2015. They can be used whenever is possible to connect to a three-phase installation.