EPP series

The air water heaters are available with a standard air grid. It allows manual setting of air stators allows to achieve the required air flow. There are other grids, which have different functionality, depending on the customer's goal - four-way diffuser, confusor, diffuser 360®. They are an accessory and should be extra required.

Each hot air unit must be combined with a suitable mounting bracket.

There are accessories for control and automation of devices - speed controller, programmable temperature controller, room thermostat, two-way valve with actuator, flexible hoses, drip tray, etc.


Rotating mounting bracket HC

An additional assortment, made of steel, element for mounting the device on the wall or ceiling. Solid and durable construction. Possible to assemble device in parallel on the angle 60° or possible rotation horizontally. 




Four-sided diffuser

Cover plate for air water heaters enables the airflow in 4 different directions in the room.





Cover plate for air water heaters enables the airflow in point direction in the room. Recommended for ceiling mounting.




Diffuser 360о

Cover plate for air water heaters enables the airflow in all different directions in the room. Recommended for ceiling mounting.




Destratification fan

Used to level the temperature under the ceiling and in work zone. Recommended for ceiling mounting.




Drip tray

It is used to drain water resulting from cooling.




3-stage speed controller with thermostat

Controller is used to regulate devices equipped with 3-stage fans. It has 3-stage speed control and thermostat built in. In addition, the unit controls the operation of the actuators installed on the control valve. Works in both heating and cooling modes.



Fan speed controller HC

Designed to change the single-phase fan’s speed in industrial supply. It has 5 control levels, degree of protection: IP 54 and is supplied in: 0,6A, 1,2A, 3A, 5A, 7A, 11A, 14A.




Module relay RM-16A

Opens and closes the circuit to affect the work of other devices. It can be used to connect a receiver with higher power than the relay in the controller allows. Maximum rated current is 16A.




Programmable thermostat HC

The programmable thermostat combines the function of a room thermostat and a temperature controller. Its purpose is to maintain the comfort of the room in accordance with pre-programmed time and temperature settings.



Manual thermostat HC

The thermostat is a device that is designed to maintain a pre-set room temperature.




Two-way valve with actuator 3/4”

The two-way valve with actuator is used to automatically regulate the flow of the heating medium. Works with Reventon HC devices with3/4” connection diameters. The kit consists of a two-way valve and a double-open / open actuator.



Flexible hoses

They are used to connect the water heater to the central heating system. It has connection diameter 3/4″, internal thread, lenght 1000 mm, set 2 pcs.