Technical prevention

When did you take care of your Air Conditioner for last time? Do you feel unusual noise, heavy smell and low efficiency in your air conditioning? Probably, many of you have not thought about the fact that most Air Conditioners do not bring air out of the room, but they warm or cool the air in the room. Thus microorganisms, bacteria, dust, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants periodically pass through the air conditioner heat exchanger, overlaying it over time and providing a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms and bacteria that can cause various allergies, as well as spread an unpleasant odour. Regular cleansing and disinfection of Air Conditioning is extremely important to prevent the spread of infections, diseases and unpleasant odors. Coatings also aggravate heat exchange air process. So the efficiency of Air Conditioning work decrease and it lead to an increase in electricity consumption.

Take care for the good microclimate in your home. Trust the Proclima solution Ltd. services!

We recommend you to make seasonal technical service at least twice a year during the spring and autumn

Make your phone call for Air Conditioning Prevention Request Now! Call to +359 2 462 72 88 or write to e-mail:! A specialist from our team will visit you, at your convenient time to do the maintenance of the air conditioning equipment.

The technical prevention includes the following activities:

  • Check the indoor and outdoor unit;
  • Clean the casing of the indoor unit;
  • Cleaning the air filters on the indoor unit of the air conditioning system;
  • Washing of the heat exchangers and blades of the indoor and outdoor unit;
  • Treatment of the heat exchanger and indoor air filters against spreading of infectious and pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria that are the main cause of unpleasant odors.

Additionally by client's request we offer:

  • Setting the Air Conditioning System in a certain mode of operation;
  • Technical advice.

Our team consists of qualified, trained and certified professionals with many years of experience and good practices. The company has a Certificate of First category for performance of leakproofness checks of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and heat pumps containing 3 or more fluorinated greenhouse gases, charging, installation, maintenance and servicing, which is issued by the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Mechanical Engineering. 

Every technical prevention provided ensures effective cleaning and disinfection of the air-conditioning system, removal of unpleasant odors, elimination of bacteria, mold and fungi. It provides fresh air inside the room. The products we use are not toxic and do not cause allergies!

Take care of the good climate in your home and make your home a favorite, cosy and comfortable space!