Series LT


  • Energy-Efficiency classification and Thin & Slim design.
  • Improved circulation of airflow.
  • Powerful operation.
  • 3 Mode timer - Weekly / Program / Sleep (*Only available with Wireless RC).
  • Human Sensor.
  • 10°C HEAT Operation (*Only available with Wireless RC).
  • Working in heating mode at - 20°C.
  • Low outdoor air temperature correspondence.




All prices are inclided VAT and excluded installation costs.


1 750.00 1 950.00

All prices are inclided VAT and excluded installation costs.

Technical data:

Efficiency data


Cooling capacity Min./Nom./Max.


2.5(0.9-3.5) 3.5(1.1-4.0)
Heating capacity Min./Nom./Max.


3.2(0.9-5.4) 4.0(0.9-6.5)
Seasonal efficiency
(сaccording to EN14825)
Cooling Energy efficiency class A+++ A+++
SEER 8.50 8.50
Annual energy consumption


103 144
Heating (Average climate) Energy efficiency class A++ A++
SCOP/A 4.60 4.60
Annual energy consumption


912 1217

Technical data - Indoor unit


Dimensions Unit (HeightxWidthxDepth)


282×870×185 282×870×185
Weight Indor/Outdoor


9.5/33 9.5/40
Sound pressure level  Cooling / Heating



Technical data - Outdoor unit


Dimensions Unit (HeightxWidthxDepth)


540×790×290 620×790×290
Sound pressure level  Cooling / Heating


48/50 48/49
Operation range Cooling
(Ambient Min.~Max.)


-10~43 -10~43
(Ambient Min.~Max.)


-20~24 -20~24
Refrigerant *Type/Charge kg-TCO₂Eq/GWP R410A/1,05/2,088 R410A/1,20/2,088



  1. Saving energy by Human Sensor
    The presence sensor captures the movement of people in the room and evaluates the power saving mode.  
  2. Economy mode
    The thermostat settings automatically change depending on the temperature to avoid unnecessary cooling or heating.
  3. Limit setpoint for room temperature
    The minimum and maximum temperature ranges can be set to provide additional energy savings, taking into account the comfort of the occupants.
  4. Auto return to set temperature
    The set temperature automatically returns to the previous set temperature.
  5. Powerful heating
    Heating capacity was improved at low outdoor temperature. Rated heating capacity is maintained even at –7 °C outdoor temperature. This new model can operate even at –20 °C low outdoor temperature.
  6. Powerful operation (*Only available with Wireless RC)
    20 minutes continuous operation by maximum airflow and maximum compressor speed is possible. Rapid cooling and heating makes the room comfortable quickly.
  7. 10°C HEAT Operation
    The room temperature can be set to go no lower than 10°C, thus ensuring that the room does not get too cold when not occupied.
  8. Outdoor unit low noise (*Only available with Wireless RC)
    When air-conditioner operates in large capacity, operation noise of outdoor unit will be suppressed. In case of room temperature being close to setting temperature, operation noise might not decrease.
  9. Automatic switching
    The appliance automatically switches from heating mode to cooling mode and back on the basis of the temperature setting and room temperature.
  10. Adjust flaps up / down
    The valves can automatically move up and down.
  11. Automatic fan speed
    The microcomputer automatically adjusts the airflow to effectively follow the changes in room temperature.
  12. Automatic restart
    In the event of a temporary power outage, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the previous mode once it is restored power supply.
  13. Auto shut down timer
    Automatically stops working after the fixed time has elapsed.
  14. Sleep timer
    The sleep timer function automatically corrects the temperature thermostat setting according to the timer setting to prevent excessive cooling and heating while sleeping.
  15. Program timer
    The program timer operates the on and off timer once within a 24 hour period.
  16. Weekly timer
    Weekly timer can be easily set by wireless remote controller. ON, OFF can be set up to 4 times in 1 day and up to 28 times in 1 week.
  17. Weekly timer + delay
    Temperatures can be set for two time periods and for each day of the week.
  18. Filter indicator
    Indicates the need to clean the filter with a light indicator.
  19. External error output
  20. External on / off input
  21. Ion-deodorizing filter with long service life
    The filter works by efficiently decomposing the odor deposited and bringing into effect the oxidative and slimming effects of the ions generated by the ceramic with superfine particles. 
  22. Apple-catechin filter
    Fine powder, invisible mold spores and harmful microorganisms are absorbed by the filter by static electricity, and their further build-up is prevented by apple-derived polyphenol.
  23. All DC models
    High-efficiency DC inverter processor, enabling higher energy efficiency compared to conventional compressors.
  24. i-PAM controlled models
    Loss-reducing technology by precisely regulating the shape of the stress curve to a better sinusoid.