Heat Exchangers

The heat exchanger delivery  is done in Sofia at Proclima Solution`s stock or at preliminary indicated by the client address, what is a subject on an additional agreement conditions.

The customer is obligated to comply with the manufacturer's requirements in accordance with the given installation, operating and maintenance Manual.

It is very important that enough space around the heat exchanger is kept free for servicing of the unit.

The transport, lifting and storage of the heat exchanger must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.

To prevent personal injury, always use appropriate hoisting equipment. If you are to lift the heat exchanger itself, straps should be used.

Usually the heat exchanger will be supplied horizontally on a pallet. This allows you to transport the unit by means of a fork lift truck. The lifting of the equipment must be done after remove all tightening elements from the pallet. Lift the heat exchanger slowly to vertical from the pallet, strictly following the manufacturer's instructions.

If it is necessary to store the heat exchanger for a longer period, certain precautions should be taken in order to prevent unnecessary damage to the equipment.