The final solution of air-conditioner and hot water for your home

  • DC inverter technology
  • VRF Flexible air-conditioning
  • High efficient and even free of charge
  • Hot water supply


All functions are integrated in only one Gree Home – GMV

  • Indoor: Indoor units of various designs are available to suit your indoor furnishing.
  • Outdoor unit: DC Inverter VRF HOME-GMV unit has cooling, heating and hot water supply, which can always provide hot water in 24hs a day.
  • Hydro-box: The hydro-box transfers the absorbed heat from the outdoor unit to the hot water system. It can be located anywhere in the house and connected to the outdoor.
  • Water Tank: The stainless steel insulated water tank produces domestic hot water for sanitary use. Three series of water tank meet any household requirements.
  • Floor heating: Warming up the room by floor heating makes you feel spring in winter.
  • Solar water heater: Meet the requirements for sanitary hot water through solar energy.