Gas heat pumps

The Gas Heat Pump (GHP) takes advantage of an “environmental friendly” clean, low cost fuel and works with a new zero ozone destruction coefficient refrigerant. The GHP allows a significant reduction in running costs by using Natural Gas or LPG. It also makes energy saving possible and thus, global pollution prevention.

Each kind of demand can be satisfied by choosing within a wide range of easy to install outdoor and indoor units. The chance to use existing piping again allows this system to be suitable in old installation replacement projects.

The GHP is the best system to improve the comfort of each kind of living space (home buildings offices, hotels, industrial buildings, etc.).




GHP advantages on EHP explanatory drawing


Operation of the Gas Heat Pump

The Gas Heat Pump differs from the electric one because outdoor unit’s compressors are driven by a gas engine rather than an electrical motor. The GHP outdoor unit is formed of a high-efficiency gas

engine and a heat pump that, aside from subtracting heat from the ambient, recovers heat from the engine. The GHP indoor unit is free of gas combustion.

For these reasons the GHP is an extremely energy efficient system and offers clean air conditioning both in summer and in winter. The heat pump uses refrigerant gas physical properties, which absorbs heat from the surroundings when evaporating and releases heat when condensing. Through the compressors, the refrigerant gas circulates continuously evaporating and condensing and thus, producing cooling and heating. AISIN heat recovery system eliminates the main problem of electrical heat pumps, namely the fluctuations of heating capacity due to external temperatures. During the winter, the GHP has an extraordinary heating capacity even at very low outdoor temperatures (-20° C).


Low running cost and low maintenance

One of the main advantage of the GHP is the low running costs. The savings, on a yearly basis, can be as much as 30% compared to an electric heat pump. The AISIN GHP runs with natural gas or LPG.

Electricity demand is reduced, since the power consumption is low. GHP electric power consumption is 90% less than electric heat pump (EHP).


High efficiency and low noise

The TOYOTA gas engine high efficiency makes quick room heating possible even in the coldest winter days. The AISIN GHP is equipped with an intelligent electronic speed controller that regulates the revolution rate of the engine considering both indoor and outdoor temperature The result is a minor energy loss and a constant indoor temperature.


Functioning continuity and reduced installation costs

The GHP doesn’t need to invert the working cycle to carry out defrosting. Thus, an efficient and very quick and continuous room heating can be achieved without interruption for defrosting. Moreover, there is no need for boiler room or additional costs to increase electric installed capacity.



For any type of environment

AISIN Gas Heat Pumps are offered in a wide range of models, to obtain the best air-conditioning solution in any type of living space: from homes to factory plans.


No usage limit

AISIN Gas Heat Pumps are engineered to be connected in series when high capacity is needed.