Sondex "Free-Flow" plates are used for liquids containing solids, particles, fibres or high viscous products. The plates are commonly used in the pulp & paper industry, in waste water treatment plants, the sugar industry, juice production, grain based ethanol production, heat recovery systems and for special tasks where standard plate heat exchangers usually will block.   



  • Suitable for products with solid particles
  • No metal/metal contact in corner holes/inlets
  • Inlet area designed for optimal turbulent flow
  • Up to 20 mm constant plate gap
  • No dead spots on the plate
  • Suitable for Cleaning In Place
  • High thermal transmission
  • Even distribution
  • Low pressure drop



  • Pulp and paper- high temperatures and viscosities
  • Dairy, Food & Beverage
  • Sugar industry
  • Waste water industry
  • Mining industry
  • Biogas