Outdoor units

VRV IV S-series Compact: Space saving

  • VRV IV S-series units are an ideal solution when outdoor space is restricted because they are easy to hide, thus minimising both visual and sound impact. Their design overcomes the challenges that aesthetics and regulations can impose. 

VRV IV i-series: Dedicated range for indoor installation

  • The VRV IV i-series is a truly unique solution for installations where you want a completely invisible solution. The system is installed entirely indoors and only the grilles are visible.

Classic VRV configuration

  • Selection of the VRV product range.


 Product portfolio VRV:

ModelOutdoor unitsDescription
Air cooled - heat recovery VRV IV heat recovery Best efficiency & comfort solution
VRV IV heat pump with continuous heating Daikin’s optimum solution with top comfort
VRV IV heat pump without continuous heating Daikin’s solution for comfort & low energy consumption
Air cooled - heat pump VRVIV-S series Compact The most compact VRV
VRVIV-S series Space saving solution without compromising on efficiency
VRV IVheat pump for indoor installation The invisible VRV
VRV III heat pump, optimised for heating Where heating is priority without compromising on efficiency
VRV Classic Classic VRV configuration
Replacement Heat recovery Quick & quality replacement for R-22 and R-407C systems
Heat pump Quick & quality replacement for R-22 and R-407C systems
Water cooled Water cooled VRV IV Ideal for high rise buildings, using water as heat source


VRV IV S-series Compact outdoor units - Advantages:

  1. The lowest unit in the market
    The VRV IV S-series compact units fit easily behind low walls because they are the lowest on the market with a height of less than 1m, including the supporting legs.  
  2. Seasonal effi ciency
    The VRV IV S-series units have the best seasonal efficiency in the class, reducing both energy consumption and costs.
  3. Subtle
    The Daikin VRV IV S-series units are ideal for installation on a balcony or behind a parapet as they are front blow units which eliminates the need for any ducting saving on installation costs.


VRV IV i-series outdoor units - Advantages:

  1. Invisible
    ›› You can consider a wider range of properties because outdoor installation is not a factor
    ›› You can open for business sooner because getting building permits is simplified
    ›› No need for a rooftop or back alley installation
    ›› Quicker and more cost-effective installation 
  2. Intuitive
    ›› Split outdoor unit for unrivalled flexibility
    ›› Easy and quick to transport and install by just 2 persons
    ›› Easy servicability, all components can be easily reached
  3. Intelligent
    ›› Variable Refrigerant Temperature for best seasonal efficiency & comfort
    ›› Patented V-shape heat exchanger for the most compact unit (400 mm high) ever
    ›› Centrifugal fan for the highest efficiency in the market
    ›› Inverter fan can be easily adjusted to the length of ductwork


Product portfolio VRVoutdoor units - Advantages:

  1. VRV – the solution for the commercial sector
    Daikin's VRV technology has taken the road to personalization that meets the requirements of comfort and energy efficiency of individual commercial buildings. Flexible to cover all applications and climatic conditions, Daikin has unique VRV products that make the difference for you and your customers.