Inverter  air conditioner

What is the “inverter” technology? The inverter is an electronic power component that continuously varies the electricity supply frequency of an electric motor. Inverter technology is integrated into the outdoor unit of the air conditioners. The inverter air conditioner will gradually increase its capacity according to the capacity required for cooling or heating the room.


Energy efficiency

Creating a fresh climate at home is about more than just pure comfort. Inverter  air-conditioners  are easy on your wallet and good for the environment, too. The next generation refrigerant R-32 and optimised compressors make sure you stay in your comfort zone.


Seasonal efficiency in heating and cooling

More of advanced energy-saving air-conditioners provide high seasonal efficiencies in heating and cooling up to A+++. Seasonal efficiency is a new way of rating heating and cooling products based on their energy efficiency over an entire year.


R-32: more efficient, better for the environment

Some of the air-conditioners use R-32 refrigerant, a unit that emits fewer CO2 emissions. That means they have lower global warming potential and are overall more efficient.


Experience perfect comfort

High class air conditioners are superbly silent. Loud units are a thing of the past. Enjoy year-round well-being without distracting noise.