Aqua 2000

The lifetime of your appliances depends on the water they use!

The water with a high content of limestone is called – hard water. When heating such water to temperatures above 50 ° C, the limestone is deposited on the water-bearing parts. These deposits are known as "scale stone".

Aqua 2000 prevent lime deposits without affected at the taste and the quality of the water:

  • Easy installation;
  • No maintenance;
  • High efficiency;
  • Environment friendly;
  • Without chemical additives;
  • Energy-saving;
  • 4 years warranty.


Aqua 2000 Electric lime dissolver

Lime deposits in pipes and on heating elements in dish washers, washing machines, water heaters and boilers lead to premature ageing of the appliances.

Reduced output, increased energy consumption and unnecessary repairs are other consequenses. Due to less pressure in the pipes the washers in the taps will need replacing more often.

Water always contains lime

Limy water is common everywhere. Spots on the glasses in the dish washer, on the tiles in the bathroom and on all taps are visible evidence. More serious problems are, however, caused by the invisible deposits in pipes and on heating elements. On the other hand the lime is important for our health, so we want to find a solution where the lime loses its tendency to form harmful deposits but is still there.

Aqua 2000 Decalcifier will prevent the lime deposits!

When using the decalcifier, the lime remains suspended in the water and runs out through the drain instead of creating deposits. The method is both effective and environ­mentally appropriate - no chemical additives are used and the taste and the quality of the water are not affected. Also, the quantity of detergents can be reduced by approx. 25 % due to lower surface tension of the water.

Aqua Decalcifier also dissolves existing deposits!

The time it takes to dissolve existing lime deposits depends on the hardness of the water and the grade of damage. It may take 6-12 months and some deposits may remain up to five years if the water is harder than 15° dh. In heavily contaminated installations the decalcifier may initially cause miscoloured water and loose flakes of lime may give rise to clogging of stainers and nozzles. This demon­strates the effectiveness of the decalcifier.


Operating principle

Aqua 2000 operating principle is the following: water passing through the electrostatic field created by decalcifier, has in it composition metal ions which are accelerated by electrostatic field  and break down the lime. The lime remains suspended in the water and runs through the drain instead of creating deposits.

The Aqua Decalcifier can be mounted on all types of pipe: copper, steel / iron, plastic (polyethylene or  PVC) with a diameter of up to 100 mm,  for cold water or for hot water. The Aqua decalcifier contains no movable parts and is totally maintenence free.


Technical data:

Aqua 2000 perfect for private homes, restaurants, petrol stations etc. CE approved in accordance with EN 60950-1. Protec- tion class IP 33.

TypePipe dia. mmFlow l/minPower W
Aqua 2000 18-54 50 4