Aqua 5000

Efficient solution of lime problems in larger premises, industrial buildings and process plants!

  • For flows from 5 to 150 m3/hour
  • Energy-saving
  • Environment-friendly
  • 4 years warranty

Aqua 5000 prevent lime deposits without affected at the taste and the quality of the water.


About Aqua 5000 еlectric lime dissolver

Calcareous water is common everywhere and causes lime deposits in pipes, heating elements and other water connected equipment. Reduced output and increased energy consumption are other consequences. The service life of installations connected to the water system will also be affected. On the other hand the lime is important from a health point of view. Aqua 5000 Decalicifier, however, prevents the lime problems without affecting the water quality.

Aqua 5000 Decalcifier will prevent the lime deposits

When using Aqua 5000, the lime remains suspended in the water and runs out through the drain instead of creating deposits. The method is both effective and environmentally appropriate - no chemical additives are used and the taste and the quality of the water are not affected. Also, the quantity of detergents in washing machines can be reduced by approx. 25 % due to lower surface tension of the water, which is positive for both environment and operational economy.


Large flows and high demands

Aqua 5000 Decalcifiers is for plants with a water consumption up to 200 litres per minute, for example apartment, houses up to approx. 50 apartments.

Aqua 5000 Decalcifier is CE-approved in accordance with EN 60950-1 and fulfils protection class IP 65.

Aqua 5000 installation is very simple and can be carried out on all normally used materials; polyethylene, stainless steel, copper and galvanized pipes. The device contains no movable parts and is totally maintenance free.


Application areas:

  • Apartment houses
  • Hotels
  • Swimming pools
  • Industries
  • Processing plants
  • Boiler houses



Aqua 5000 is mounted onto the incoming water main where it generates an electrostatic field between the poles.

The field pulses between 7000 and 14000 Hz. When the water flows through the field, the existing iron particles are set in motion at high speed, which breaks down the lime, preventing it from creating deposits. The electrostatic field is always 100 percent effective as it is continuously supplied with the necessary voltage.

The energy consumption is negligible.



Technical data:

TypePipe dia., mmFlow l/minPower, W
Aqua 5000 40 - 125 833 40