About us

Proclima Solution Ltd was established in 2006. with basic activities in installing of heating and cooling systems, air conditioning, repair and maintenance, supply and delivery of heat exchangers, air condition and refrigeration equipment, heat pumps and other solutions all in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and energy efficiency.

Main company goals are PROFESSIONAL AIR CONDITION SOLUTIONS for home, for office and for industry.


Basic activities:

  • Equipment supply and delivery:
    • A complete range of heat exchangers, individually designed and manufactured for customer`s project operating conditions, by leading European brands;
    • Gas Heat Pumps;
    • Heat pump systems – heat pump air/water, heat pump water/water, heat pump earth/water;
    • Air Conditioners;
    • Air water heaters;
    • Air Curtainsand others.
  • Installing of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems, direct expansion installations, VRV installations, installation of air conditioners and air-conditioning systems, inverter split systems, VRF installations, etc.
  • Diagnostics, repair and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning installations, maintenance of air conditioning equipment, professional HVACR consulting, HVACR design, HVACR research, delivery and installation